047: Books I’ve reviewed on Goodreads but not on here!

Books I_ve reviewed on Goodreads but not on here

A bit of a usual post but I want all my reviews on Goodreads on here too, just in case of loss etc.

They weren’t posted here originally for a variety of reasons, mainly for the fact that they are overwhelmingly negative and I was trying to not be too negative on here. Some are also too short.

So, in order:

September 2016:

Harry Potter and the Cursed Child: ★☆☆☆☆
Terrible, terrible fan fiction.

February 2017:

Romanced by my Billionaire Stepbrother: A Sweet & Steamy Novella: ★☆☆☆☆
I’m not sure why I do this to myself sometimes. Right, where to even start? There were numerous grammatical errors and the plot was just ridiculous! She was so in love with him after just one kiss?? I understand insta-love but this was just taking things too far.

At some points I felt like I was reading a soft core version of 50 Shades that just didn’t have any bondage.

I managed to finish it though and discovered another story but I quickly peaced out when I discovered the characters were even worse.

Just…no, not for me. None of this is for me.

Summoned: For His Pleasure: ★☆☆☆☆
Really not the book for me. I know it’s only a short story but the characters were flat, plot was thin and the sex was just… boring.

I found James creepy and Cheryl and her friends just boring cut-outs. Even though it was free (as are the sequels) I wouldn’t recommend it. Maybe short stories just aren’t for me.

Voopyre: ★★☆☆☆
Just not for me but I didn’t hate it. It was just, average to me.

Night Class: ★☆☆☆☆
Um… no, not for me. I didn’t find the sex scenes that hot and some of the other prose was a bit dodgy too. Seemed slightly unrealistic with how within about 3 sentences we went from a 0-100. Personally I don’t find it a turn on to be told ‘oh, I want to fuck you because you look like my dead wife, by the way, I’m a vampire’.

I know some allowances have to be given for the fact that’s it’s a short story with vampires but it’s just not for me.

March 2017:

Gothic Tales: ★☆☆☆☆
I’ve struggled with this book for days and and days and I’m so uninterested in it.

I was expecting some Gothic horror but there was nothing like that.

April 2017:

Perfect Chemistry: ★★★★☆
When I first started reading Perfect Chemistry my first thought was ‘oh here we go, more stuff that I won’t enjoy’ however, I really liked it!

Sure I found the beginning and the ending quite weak and Sydney’s friends were so annoying especially when one of her friends discovers her crush that she’s been “stalking” (side ew) is gay and the other friend implies that he’s probably a cross-dresser as well?? Came off a tad homophobic to me. Also, all their conversations seemed to revolve around men? Like there’s more to life than men, ladies!

I liked that there seemed to be a bit of a plot line about Leo and Dev’s company. The sex scenes were well written and hot too. I probably won’t read the rest in the series however because they’re about Sydney’s friends but if Jodi Redford did another follow-up to Sydney, Leo and Dev’s story then I would definitely read it!

(Side note in August 2017: I have no idea why I never put this review up on here as it is my favourite ever MFM book and what I base all my other MFM books on!)

July 2017:

Quidditch through the Ages: ★★★★☆
A nice, short, fun read!

Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them: ★★★★☆
Yeah, I liked it, but I don’t think there needed to be five movies made from it. I’d love it if there was a version of Hogwarts: A History, A History of Magic or The Life and Lies of Albus Dumbledore.

This is cute for what it is.

August 2017:

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim – The Skyrim Library, Vol. I: The Histories: ★★★★☆
A good way to kill a few hours. Yes, the stories can also be found in-game but it’s nice to have them all in one place.

Out of the four sections (Histories, Skyrim, Morrowind & Dragons) I probably found Morrowind the most uninteresting but I’ve never been fully interested in Morrowind to begin with. Histories did drag on a little bit too but the Skyrim and Dragon sections were a really good read!

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