041: An Apology

He had an urge to say something about the large weight of anxiety that seemed to have settled inside his chest since last night, but he couldn’t think how to translate this into words…
(Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire, page 256)

This paragraph has been weighing on my mind since I read it again recently and it seems to perfectly sum up just how I’ve been feeling lately. Even now I couldn’t say why but I felt like I just needed a bit of a break from reviewing. I’d rushed to read my forty books and by the end of it I felt so burnt out and so run down that I just needed to stop for a while.

Honestly, I thought I’d be gone for a week at the most and somehow that week turned into a month and I never intended to be gone this long but this time I’m back but I’m going to go about things in a different way. Instead of trying to post every three days I’m probably going to drop down to maybe twice a week just so I don’t end up back to how I was.

I also decided to revamp the website a little bit. The pink was a bit too bright! I much prefer this; it feels cleaner.

In better news, I’ve stopped smoking, which I’m extremely proud of. I’ve been smoking on and off since I was about eleven so to not have smoked for over a month is such an achievement for me. I’ve also done a lot more writing recently which is my primary focus. I want to say that I’m undecided on whether I’m doing NaNo or not but I know what I’m like and I’ll join it at the very last moment, again.

Thank you for bearing with me and I apologise for being away for so long but I’m back now and I will definitely have a review up for you tomorrow!

(aka Faded Tulips)


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