039: Dirty Therapy by Tara Crescent

(4) dirty therapyTitle: Dirty Therapy
Author: Tara Crescent
Stars: ★★★☆☆

Blurb: My O is missing. Two sex therapists are going to help me find it.

Two hours after Dennis proposes, I find my fiancé with his d*ck buried in Tiffany Slater’s hoohah, and he has the nerve to suggest it’s my fault.

Because I’m frigid.

Sure, I’ve never had an orgasm with him, or with anyone for that matter, but relationships are about more than good sex. (Not that the sex was ever good. Adequate is more like it. Okay, who am I kidding? Dennis couldn’t find his way down there with a flashlight and a map.)

Now I’m determined to find my missing O with the help of two of the hottest men I’ve ever set eyes on. Sex therapists Benjamin Long and Landon West. If these two men can’t make me come, then no one can.

I shouldn’t have slept with them. I shouldn’t have succumbed to their sexy smiles. I shouldn’t have listened when their firm voices promised me all the pleasure I could handle.

I can’t get enough of them. But when a bitter rival finds out about our forbidden threesome, everything will come crashing down.


(Oh hey, fortieth book this year! My Goodreads challenge is officially done!)

I think Perfect Chemistry has ruined M/F/M books for me as every one I’ve read since just hasn’t seemed to live up to it.

There was nothing wrong with Tara Crescent’s writing, in fact I know the rest of the books in this series are also M/F/M and I’m planning on reading at least one or two more. I think I just couldn’t connect with the heroine. I literally finished the book about half an hour ago and I’ve already forgotten her name.

(It’s Mia, by the way)

My main problem with this story is a massive spoiler (kinda) but the story starts after Mia confesses she can’t orgasm and flees Ben and Landon’s office and goes out and gets hella drunk, like so drunk she’s slopping beer down herself. Her drink is then drugged by some assholes at the bar.

Fair enough, it happens, men can be very scummy like that.

So, Ben and Landon have to take her home but they have to go to Ben’s home because Mia can’t speak and Landon lives with his sister. Fair enough, still a little weird, but okay.

While trying to get Mia to go to bed Landon, our supposed hero, turns to Ben and says:

“Let’s get her to bed before I do something I regret.”

Like… WHAT? Mia is drugged up and drunk and you’re thinking you might do something you regret? That’s gross dude!

Mia also manages to wake up without any kind of hangover or any lasting effect from the drug, how convenient! Landon then tries to pretty much blame Mia for getting drugged:

“Why were you drinking last night?…Five pints? What on earth were you thinking? You were lucky we were there.”

Five pints is nothing really. I mean, it’s beer, not five pints of pure vodka, you know? But also, you’re not her fucking father. It doesn’t matter if she had one, five or fifteen pints; it’s not her fault she got drugged. But, ugh, whatever, moving on.

Landon says all that but then like a page or two later they end up making her cum for the first time. If that’s not all they all meet up again that night and they offer her wine? Like, I don’t think she should be drinking at all?

There’s also some insta-love, which is something else that grinds my gears but it’s such a short book that I’m not too bothered by it.

Now I’ve done my moaning I’ll move on to what I did like: I liked Ben a lot more than I did Landon as I felt that Ben was much more human and more of a believable character. I also found the sex scenes hot and I thought Landon’s sister was cute too.

Overall, while this wasn’t my favourite book I did enjoy it and I enjoyed the writing and I will be picking up the next book in the series!

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