036: Gossip Girl by Cecily von Ziegesar

22188Title: Gossip Girl
Author: Cecily von Ziegesar
Stars: ★★★★★

Blurb: Welcome to New York City’s Upper East Side, where my friends and I live, go to school, play, and sleep—sometimes with each other.

S is back from boarding school, and if we aren’t careful, she’s going to win over our teachers, wear that dress we couldn’t fit into, steal our boyfriends’ hearts, and basically ruin our lives in a major way. I’ll be watching closely…

You know you love me,

Gossip Girl


Look, the first book to be added to my ‘guilty pleasure’ list!

I adore Gossip Girl! I must’ve read all the books about fifty times and watched the first four seasons of the TV show too (But not 5 & 6, bleh).

I get that people hate this book, I can understand why people find it ‘vapid’ and ‘stupid’ etc. but the books are nice and easy to get through, in fact, I read this within an hour and a half. Maybe I have a case of nostalgia for this series because I started reading it when I was young and I’m still reading the series ten years later.

The characters aren’t meant to be likeable and I think that’s why people don’t like the series. It’s a story about horrible, spoiled kids, none of them are nice people. Even Jenny and Dan aren’t the nicest of people!

In fact, for me, the unlikeable characters are the best part because something bad always seems to them and I love unhappy characters!

It’s hard to say if the books or the TV show is better because both of them lose their quality as they get dragged out; the books decline from the seventh onwards (the ghost written nine to eleven are particularly bad) and the TV show declines after the fourth season (I’ve only ever watched one episode of season six) however, the start of the series is almost perfect for me.

Overall, maybe I wouldn’t recommend this book (or series) to everyone but if we all liked the same things then life would be very boring indeed!

Give it a try for a trashy guilty pleasure book!

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