031: Lucky by Professor Green

26259797Title: Lucky
Author: Professor Green
Stars: ★★★★★

Blurb: It was never easy for Professor Green. Born into a tough Hackney estate and raised by his grandmother, the rapper was always learning the hard way – whether at school, on the streets of east London or during impromptu freestyling shows at friends’ house parties. Indeed life and music have always been intertwined for the young rapper, but it wasn’t until he was 18 that the two were brought into focus by the suicide of his father – and his emotions, ever since, have been reflected in the raw and often passionate line of his inspirational lyrics.

In this wonderful autobiography, Professor Green – a.k.a. Stephen Manderson – reflects on his life so far and how his tough upbringing shaped the person and musician he is today. Passionate, raw and totally open, Lucky is the story of a boy’s journey, from life close to the streets, to a time briefly behind bars, followed by a life making it as a musician and becoming the man you want to become. Lucky is accompanied by a unique digital app, which takes you closer to Professor Green and his story: with exclusive digital content for readers to enjoy, this is a rare insight into one of the most exciting and controversial musicians working in music today.


I really do like Professor Green, I think he’s funny and I like his music so when I saw that his autobiography was on offer on amazon for £1.19 I quickly snapped it up.

I’m pretty sure I read this in about three hours and it really was so good. Pro Green doesn’t really shy away from anything and tells things how they are. He especially doesn’t shy away from telling us about how things were growing up in Hackney and his relationship with his father.

Unfortunately I couldn’t get the digital content to work so I can’t say anything about that.

There was a particular section that I loved because it mentioned my favourite artist, Plan B, until it reminded me that Plan B still hasn’t released his bloody book, but that’s a rant for another time.

Overall, if you’re a fan of Professor Green or autobiographies in general then I would recommend this. However, I can’t see it being everyone’s cup of tea but I really did enjoy it.

However, I do wonder if it’s awkward to look back on how much he talked about his wife when only five months after the book was published they announced their divorce!

Short review this time as reviewing non-fiction books aren’t my strong suit.

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