023: Let’s Try This Again by Jordyn Woodtke

32807573Title: Let’s Try This Again
Author: Jordyn Woodtke
Stars: ★☆☆☆☆

Blurb: One girl.  Two guys.  It’s complicated.

First there is Isaac, the ex-boyfriend who threatens her move to a sunny new life on the west coast when he suddenly comes back into the picture.  The chemistry is intoxicating and Josie starts eating, breathing, and sleeping with him again until the move.  Things are hard enough saying goodbye to her childhood home and very best friends, but when Isaac makes it seem like he might actually want her to stay, Josie wonders if she’s giving up on him too quickly.

Josie takes the plunge and moves to California.

Then comes Carter. Sweet, doting – and, oh my god! – former boy band heartthrob, Carter. Josie’s new life falls into place, with new friends and a job working as the personal assistant for Carter as he plans the re-launch of his career. When it seems like there might be something between Josie and her new boss, she can’t help but hold back in fear of crossing a line and, worse yet, getting her heart crushed.  Once again.

What spirals into a complicated, heart wrenching, unexpected love triangle forces Josie to face a decision that she is not sure she can make.  Carter or Isaac.  Or – who knows? 


Holy fucking shit, I hated this book so much! I hated this book more than Promise You Won’t Tell? and you know I despised that book.

So do I start with the constant girl hate or the slut shaming? Maybe even the fact that the character is suppose to have graduated from college but still acts about 15? Or should I talk about the ableism that is rife within this book?

I honestly don’t know where to start. How about a few choice quotes:

“Once he had drunkenly kissed his ex-girlfriend (a whore with a massive penis-shaped nose).”

“Being a chick, I am biologically programmed to bond with anyone I have sex with.”

“For all you losers out there who use stress as an anti-sex excuse, sex is one of the best de-stressors.”

“Let’s just say that if people found out she had a ‘Customer Parking Here’ tramp stamp tattoo, no one would be shocked.”

I realise just throwing out a load of quotes isn’t really a review but I’m not sure how else to even review this book without getting angry.

At 22% I skimmed the rest but I don’t feel that I missed anything important. Especially at the end they were all still drinking to excess, good luck with your livers!

Josie is also a hypocrite in what she says, for example, when they’re at the club she describes her friend Molly’s outfit as a bandage dress that pushes her boobs “up to the sky” but when Katey Kelsee walks into the club wearing a “…bright purple dress [which] was way too short and way too tight, thrusting her boobs up to her chin.” she (Katey) is referred to as “…the Wicked Whore of the West.”

Not to go all Mean Girls but we’ve got to stop calling other women sluts and whores all the time. There is absolutely nothing wrong with a woman having an active sex life. This is a subject that really grinds my gears and I’m not filling this review with it.

Not that Josie would probably listen to the above paragraph anyway, especially when she says:

“And yes, I know , I shouldn’t just blame her. A kiss is a two sided thing.

(Grammar errors are not mine, for once!)

Those three sentences just show that she doesn’t care that Isaac was wrong, Josie wants to call Katey a whore so she will. I was pretty much done by this point and started to skim.

Want to see the section that made me want to throw my Kindle out of the window? Sure?

(tw: self harm)

“They had been right all along; I was practically using him as a razor blade to slit my wrists, vertically. Fucking A. I was like one of those dumbass bitches that post Instagrams with strategically placed tear drops and ‘accidentally’ exposed scars.”

It’s paragraphs like this that make me glad I don’t have a Booktube because you wouldn’t believe the rage I’m feeling right now!! At least in a book review I can swear at this book all I like and can just edit it out later.

I skipped ahead but this book already soured me. If I could give it zero stars then I would.

At least I got a new shelf out of this book. Every cloud and all that, I guess.

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