020: The Cure Hotel by Ashley S. Clancy

32729067Warning: Spoilers & TW for the mention of rape.

Title: The Cure Hotel
Author: Ashley S. Clancy
Stars: ★★★☆☆

Blurb: There’s no doubt about it, the Cure Hotel situated on the outskirts of Manhattan is one of the most run down establishments in the whole of America. This is a hotel that not only boasts dampness, poor decoration and lighting, but also welcomes the most sinister type of overnight guest. Shady loners, men with prostitutes, bosses and their assistants – It all takes place under this roof, where although fornicating in this manner is frowned upon in the hotel industry, a blind eye is always turned at the Cure.

This is receptionist Christina’s story, just seven days before the grand re-opening of the newly refurbished building – In the single week it took an innocent act of voyeurism to turn the place into the murderous hell hole it was always destined to become.

A gripping thriller, with a horrifying twist, where the dark sexual past of this tarnished building, can’t be fixed by the new owner, who simply hasn’t got the Cure in his blood.


I think everyone knows by now that I’m pretty egotistical so when Ashley Clancy asked me to review her book, The Cure Hotel, and I discovered the main character was also named Christina I jumped at the chance.

I will admit that it took me a while to read this book but that was because of personal reasons and not because of the book itself. Actually, I was pleased that once I sat down and started to actually read I managed to get through the book in one sitting.

The book was very sexual and at first I found it very hard to connect with Christina, especially when she has lines such as: ‘Which asshole invented sexual harassment in the workplace anyway?’ I actually put the book down at this point for a good hour or so because it had really irritated me.

The two main characters (yes, two) both have nightmares, which seemed like a cop-out to me as the nightmare that Christina had was really creepy.

Even with the twist later I found it hard to care or sympathise with Christina. She was overtly sexual and acted a lot older than nineteen. Once she seemed to settle down a bit then I started to find it easier but then the twist happened.

Jenna was even harder to care about as she was so messed up. I mean, masturbating while murdering Christina AND then pretty much raping the dead Mr Bentley. I certainly wasn’t expecting necrophilia in the book!

I do realise I’ve moaned a lot but there were some things that I did actually like! The characters of Dean and Brad were nice. I also liked the tension in the book, it was amazing that even though I couldn’t fully connect to Jenna that I still wanted to know what was going to happen.

Also, that extra twist at the end! I even swore out loud once it got revealed, as I definitely wasn’t expecting it.

Overall, I did enjoy bits of this book but there a bit too much sexual stuff for me and then there were some things that skeeved me out so it’s hard to say if I would recommend it or not. It is a really good thriller though.


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