013: Postcards From the Edge by Carrie Fisher [Review]


This is the second Carrie Fisher book I’ve read and I must say that I enjoyed it more than the Princess Diarist. There were still certain bits that I didn’t like, especially the ‘A Banquet of Crumbs’ section but overall I found this book to be a quick and fun read.

I managed to read it all within a few hours, which I’m not known to do, however, I’m not sure if that’s to do with the short length of the book (226 pages in my version) or whether it was because of how engrossed I was.

The ‘Postcards from the Edge’ section was brilliant and I loved the diary format of it. I could’ve read a whole book in just that style. In fact, all the sections were good (apart from the aforementioned ‘A Banquet of Crumbs’ section, I just couldn’t get into that one)

While reading this I felt more like I was reading Carrie Fisher’s autobiography than when I read the Princess Diarist. I know that it’s semi-autobiographical but I really felt like I understood Carrie Fisher more after reading this.

I’ve noticed a lot of people comparing this to the film and that they’re disappointed but I’ve never seen the film so I personally cannot judge which is better. However, I definitely will be trying to find a copy of the film to watch and I also want to grab the sequel to this book; The Best Awful.

Overall, I did love this book and I’ll certainly read it again, I just can’t give it five stars because of the annoying ‘A Banquet of Crumbs’ section.

Up next: The Last Wish (because my boyfriend won’t stop bugging me about it!)


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