012: Tiny Update

17017026_1721068041517485_5272976035483307447_o(Pictured: My to-read list)

I’ve not updated for a while and just wanted to give anyone reading this a small update.

I’m still reading but during February my little brother came over for a week and I was so drained from looking after a small, excitable, pain in the neck, 10 year old that I just didn’t want to read.

Some nights I even went to bed at 8.30pm!

However, now it’s March and I have a lot more free time and I will be starting back up again. The first two books on my list to read are Postcards From The Edge and The Last Wish. Both books seem fairly short so I’ll hopefully get them both read and reviewed within the week.

Also, it’s mine & Adam’s one year anniversary today, so it’s been nice to just chill out and watch some television with him. I brought myself four new books to celebrate (Arrival, Room, Neverwhere and The Night Circus). Adam brought me series one of iZombie and I got him absolutely nothing! It’s a good job he loves me, ha!

Speak soon xo


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