009: Stardust by Neil Gaiman [Review]

51jfabmtztl[Spoilers ahead!]


Despite only giving this four stars I can quite happily say that this might just be the book that I enjoy the most this year. I will admit that at first I was reading it whilst thinking of the movie but I soon forgot about that I began to treat it like I’d never met the characters before.

While there are parts that I dislike, such as the evil queen not getting her comeuppance and I thought there’d be more about the space pirates but I guess that comes from watching the film first. The ending seemed a little too rushed and ended on a bit of a downer, what with Yvaine being immortal and being alone forever after Tristran’s death.

However, I’m not being too negative on Stardust because I did genuinely love it. I loved that it was different from the film because then I’d be bored knowing what was coming and I loved that there was no shying away from gory scenes. The world of Faerie felt so magical to me and I could’ve easily stayed in that environment.

The only reasons I haven’t given this five stars is because of my dislikes that I’ve written above and also because, like other reviewers have mentioned, there was a tone of “boys will be boys” about Tristran’s attitude towards Victoria. Also, Tristran is “… a ninny, a lackwit, and a clodpoll.” I want to give him a shake for being such an idiot.

Overall, I would recommend this book to my friends and even to my family. Do I think it’s better than the film? No, but then again, I don’t think the book is better. I think they’re both just as good and because of how different they are I can treat them as two separate things.


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