008: The Princess Diarist by Carrie Fisher [Review]


It’s hard to review a book like this, in fact I waited over twenty-four hours after I’d read the book to even be able to give it a rating out of five. I’ve gone with four stars but it was a hard decision to make.

The book was less than three hundred pages so I managed to read it all in one sitting but I had to keep pausing and re-reading sentences because either I’m still poorly and was struggling to make sense or because Carrie Fisher tends to write kind of weirdly.

I was expecting the book to be her actual diaries, instead there’s only a small part of her journal with veiled references to her love for Harrison Ford. The rest is written like a memoir and it’s interesting… just not what I was expecting.

My favourite parts were definitely the ‘Before Leia’ section and also the little bit of behind-the-scenes stuff we get about Star Wars. I wish they’d been more behind-the-scenes things instead of the Harrison Ford affair. Don’t get me wrong, the affair was interesting to read about but I feel that it could’ve been shortened.

Overall, and this is a short review because I’m still ill, I would re-read the book but I wouldn’t put it in my favourite list.


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